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 Stratigraphy of the lower Vernon Formation,
   Salina Group (Silurian), Pittsford, New York
G - Very resistant waterlime with domal upper
surfaces and green mineral in vertical
partings. May be an unusual type of
microbialite (thrombolite).
F - Shale and mudstone with mudcracks and
E - Resistant (hard) waterlime but with
eurypterids and associated fauna preserved in
3-D, i.e. essentially uncrushed. Believed to be
a microbialite - bed consists of coalescing
D - Chunky Bed: massive with abundant
eurypterid remains and associated fauna.
Somewhat bluish, dolomitic mudstone.
C - Sandwich Bed: Dolostone lenses with
intercalated shale with eurypterid fauna.
B - Slate Bed: Fissile black shale with bedding
planes with carbonized eurypterids, etc.
A - Clam Bed: Very resistant (hard) waterlime
with pelecypods and occasional eurypterids
and other fossils.
Internal Stratigraphy
of the Pittsford Member

LEFT: Two massive waterlimes with
overlying redbeds and associated
green and red mottled shales. These
waterlimes are actually greenish
when fresh and weather to a cream
color. See photo below labeled
massive waterlimes.
Massive Waterlime - a fine-grained type of
dolostone. Note colored shale fused to the
surfaces. Tastings Site December 2006.