New York State Geological Association Fieldtrip
Throughout the extent of several formations within the Lockport, Salina
and Bertie Groups in Upstate New York, microbial carbonates are very
characteristic at numerous, probably cyclical, horizons within what is
part of an evaporite sequence. It is not always easy to recognize these
microialites (microbolites). It may be that the eurypterid-bearing units
(mostly waterlimes) of the Salina and Bertie Groups owe their origin to
the precipitation and dolomitization of carbonates as the result of
cyanobacterial activity within the region.
 Within the Pittsford Member of the lower Vernon Formation (Salina
Group) at the Spring House Commons Site, two horizon show evidence
of microbial activity as interpreted herein.
This page will attempt to increasingly show the
eurypterid/stomatolite connection. In almost every New
York occurrence of eurypterid remains, microbial activity
in the form of stromatolites/thrombolites/ 'algal mounds' is
being recognized.
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